Our History

Dave and Polly Craig & Lynn and Jo Hurtt


From the fall of 1958 until 1962, E. C. “Dave” and Polly Craig were resident managers of the Evans Funeral Home (formerly Grable-Windle Funeral Home) located in the 600 block of Oakland Street in Mountain Grove. Lynn and Jo Hurtt joined the company as employees in 1960 and in 1962, both families bought the firm and named it Craig-Hurtt Funeral Home.

In 1966, the Craigs and the Hurtts bought the Barber Funeral Home located on 315 North Main Street and merged the two businesses. This 1888 colonial-style residence was first remodeled by the Barber family for a funeral home in 1939.

Over the next several years, three more partners were added including a merger with the Dedmon Funeral Home in 1980.

Now, the firm once again operates under the name Craig-Hurtt Funeral Home and is owned by Ben and Rhonda Hurtt. After more than fifty years of commitment to the civic, commercial, and spiritual growth of the community, the Hurtt family wishes to continue the long standing tradition of caring and trustworthy service to Mountain Grove and the surrounding communities.

Craig-Hurtt Funeral Home - Mountain Grove
315 N. Main St. Mountain Grove, MO 65711
Phone: (417) 926-4111

Craig-Hurtt Funeral Home - Hartville
280 N. Main St Hartville, MO 65667
Phone: (417) 741-6127

Craig-Hurtt Funeral Home - Mansfield
209 N Lincoln Ave. Mansfield, MO 65704
Phone: (417) 924-3233

Craig-Hurtt Funeral Home - Seymour
214 W. Clinton Ave. Seymour, MO 65746
Phone: (417) 935-2244

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